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Death comes for us all.

Keep her as your friend.

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What's New:

Miserere is now available at Audible.

My short story "Naked the Night Sings" is only one of the many fine stories in the urban fantasy anthology Manifesto: UF, edited by Tim Marquitz and Tyson Mauermann, Angelic Knight Press, 2013.


"Filled with show me now and tell me later prose, [Miserere] was one of the finest debuts of 2011 and remains a novel that I remember details from nearly three years later." Justin Landon, Tor.com

Download an excerpt of Miserere here

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the million dollar bookshop

One of Miserere's themes was how a child can change our outlook and make us want to be better people, not so much for ourselves, but for the child. I know my daughter did that for me. Unfortunately, not all children start out in the best of circumstances, or with parents who want to change their lifestyles.

Charities for children abound, but most people don't think about giving unless prompted by someone else. Mark Lawrence is prompting. He has created a website called The Million Dollar Bookshop where authors can purchase advertising space for their novels AND contribute to the children's charity of their choice. It's a great two-for.

I didn't have to think too long as to which children's charity would get my "advertising" dollars. This past summer, my friend Alex Bledsoe joined several other authors with Novel Tees to donate the proceeds from all sales to Protect and The National Association to Protect Children. The National Association to Protect Children works to protect children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. That was an organization I could get behind.

So I matched my summer donation to Novel Tees with advertising dollars to Mark's Million Dollar Bookshop and sent another $25.00 to The National Association to Protect Children.

If you are an author who needs a little advertising space and wants to donate money to the children's cause of your choice, step over here to find out how to participate. You don't have to give tons of money. Every little bit helps.


Reviews at The Founding Fields and Bookworm Blues

Sorry I've been so quiet, I'm eyeball deep in edits and hoping to see the light of day soon.

I'm just popping in long enough to acknowledge (and say thanks!) to two awesome book review blogs for their reviews for Miserere.

Over at The Founding Fields, Shadowhawk reviews Miserere:

"Miserere is also not for the faint-hearted. While the pacing isn’t fast-paced, the action is quite relentless and the various developments and intrigues progress quite swiftly. There is a good balance in keeping the reader hooked. Aside from the excellent characterisation is the fact that the setting of Woerld unfolds in a very striking manner. It is a world that runs in parallel to ours, and is directly connected to it. The religions in our world have a direct counterpart in Woerld and they all work together for the most part as Woerld is the last defence against the powers of Hell. So much so in fact that a rather large historical conflict in Woerld was reflected back on Earth as World War II. Now that’s something."

Sarah at Bookworm Blues talks about the use of religion in Miserere:

"Now, since religion tends to be a hot-button issue with me, that’s what I seemed to keep my eye on the most. It’s far too easy for some authors to use religious influences in their books as a way to preach and I’m just not into that. In fact, that sort of thing tends to be a deal breaker for me. Frohock, bless her heart, uses religion but not in any sort of preachy let-me-tell-you-an-important-message sort of way. Instead, religion in Miserere is incredibly plot driven, and it’s not just Christianity that she focuses on. In fact, Frohock peppers the book with plenty of references to varying world religions like Hinduism, Islam and many more. Though the main thrust of the book deals with Christianity, it’s set strongly in a secondary world that it reads more like myth than anything else. In fact, if Frohock decided to change the word “Christianty” with some made up religious title, I don’t think anyone would know the difference."

And finally, this is super cool if you're a fan of Alex Bledsoe's Eddie LaCrosse series. You can buy a cool t-shirt and have the chance to be a part of a great cause. Check out the full blog post on Alex's blog. The cause is Protect, a lobby for legislation to protect children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Okay, I'm going back into edits, but stay tuned. There will be more giveaways coming soon, and something extra, extra special.

Soon you might get a peek inside The Garden ...