the return of Spartacus

It is with much rejoicing that I saw Starz is bringing Spartacus: Blood and Sand back for a second season. I'm sorry to see that Andy Whitfield won't be returning as Spartacus; he brought a certain soulfulness to the role that will be hard for another actor to emulate. I certainly wish him and his family the best of luck during his battle with cancer.

I also feel a little sorry for the actor Starz chooses to replace Whitfield. He'll spend the first five episodes with his performance being compared to Whitfield's. As a fangirl, I know we can be merciless in our judgment.

I love what Starz has done with the series, though. The characters are well-defined (very, very well-defined in some cases), smart, sexy, and definitely edgy. There are no muppets, no quirky (and do allow me to pause here and say how much I'm starting to loathe that word) heroines, and the women are given equal footing with the men in both viciousness and cunning.

Yes, there is violence; yes, there is sex; and no, I wouldn't allow anyone under certain maturity levels to watch it, but that is the beauty of Spartacus. It is good old-fashioned comic book fun that is geared entirely to adults. The series has my total fangirl love.

So kudos to Starz for keeping it going. While I'm waiting for season two, I will be keeping my appetite whetted on the prequel Gods of the Arena.

For Andy Whitfield and his family: my prayers are with you for an eventual recovery. I don't believe any of us will be watching a single episode of Spartacus without thinking of you.