Happy Release Day--MISERERE!

Today is the official release day of my debut novel Miserere: An Autumn Tale!

The initial reviews have been positive and we're having a blog tour to celebrate, but today we're taking a break from the blog tour.

My agent, Weronika Janczuk, is doing multiple blog posts today, telling everyone about me, how we met, and what it was that drew her to Miserere.

Part I -- About the Book and Author

Part II -- The Journey (Weronika tells how we met online and even shares my query letter with you)

Part III -- Why Weronika loved Miserere (find out what caught her eye so you'll know if she might like your pitch)

Weronika has more coming this evening, so keep an eye on her site! I'll be tweeting along.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of you who have already purchased Miserere! I love hearing from you!