the devil is in the details ...

...and anywhere else worth hanging out.

Everybody gets hung up in their stories from time to time. Sometimes a subtle shift in gears will speed things up. For me, it was:

  • one character's gender had to change; and
  • I had to approach a scene from a different character's point of view.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but the gender change enabled me to add new plot twists that deepened the stakes for the characters. I'm always looking for that emotional build-up for my characters, and until this week, all the action was there, but very little emotion. Without the emotional angle, my reader isn't invested in the characters or their problems.

The point of view change gave me the ability to show the reader information that my protagonist wouldn't know. I don't like frustrating my readers, and in this case, changing point of view moved the story along a lot faster. It's okay for my protagonist to be in the dark; however, the reader needs to know what is going on at all times.

People seem to be enjoying Miserere, so I'm moving ahead with my synopsis of Dolorosa and will revisit Woerld as time allows.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple of interviews that will be posted this week, more giveaways for Miserere to announce, and just in case you're bored with me (I know I am), Alex Bledsoe is going to stop by this week with a guest post. You will have a chance to win a copy of his latest novel The Hum and the Shiver. Very, very cool book and yes, you wants it, precious, I know you do ...