The Night Bazaar helps me celebrate Miserere's release

If you're not already reading The Night Bazaar, then you need to rectify that before you do anything else. If you need a reason to join in the conversation, head over this week and comment on any of the posts for an opportunity to win one of two copies of Miserere that I'm giving away.

I'll make it real easy on you too:

Writing the Second Novel with Confidence

Time is the Fire in Which We Burn by Courtney Schafer

Dealing with Number Two by Stina Leicht

You'd Think It Would Be Easier, Or, On Writing the Second Novel by Bradley Beaulieu

Obligations and Home Comings by John Horner

Writing a Book in Solitary is Easy… Writing for People is Hard by Kameron Hurley

Second verse, same as the first by Katy Stauber

Deja Vu All Over again? by Thomas Roche

While you're there, check out these authors and their novels. You won't be disappointed.

Courtney does a super job rounding up excellent guest posts by authors such as C. J. Cherryh, Martha Wells, and Barbara Hambly just to name a few. Every week, they talk about genre fiction, writing, and more.

So if you're not already hanging out at The Night Bazaar, get over there! Right now ...

Tell them I sent you.

They won't hold it against you.