showing my face and the rest of the review

The Winston-Salem Writers have graciously invited me to speak before their group on October 5, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Forsyth Public Library in Winston-Salem and this event is open to the public. For event information and the street address, just click Find Teresa. I will be listing live events first and online appearances second from this point forward primarily because live events will change rapidly whereas my online interviews are of a more static nature.

I'm also working on scheduling some appearances with bookstores in my state, and I'll keep you posted of when and where on the Find Teresa page and through blog posts.

I also now have the full Library Journal review for Miserere:

Exiled from the Order of Katharos for abandoning his lover, Rachael, to the torments of Hell in exchange for the soul of his sister Catarina, former exorcist Lucian Negru receives a second chance at salvation when he rescues a child from Earth who wanders through the Crimson Veil into the parallel realm of Woerld. In order to save young Lindsay's life, however, he must break the compact governing his exile and open a portal into Hell—and that action condemns him to death.

Frohock sets her first novel on an alternate Earth, a quasimedieval realm that is aware of the existence of Earth's technology and that serves as a battleground for the war between Heaven and Hell. With richly developed, complex characters and a talent for portraying the horrific nature of evil, the author relates a compelling tale of faith rediscovered, trust regained, and hope reawakened. This exceptional dark historical fantasy debut should particularly appeal to fans of medieval fiction, tales of holy warriors, and fantasies that feature strong women characters. The religious aspects, integral to the story without being overwhelming, should interest readers of faith-based fantasy.

That's it for now. Have a super weekend.