women are wicked, men are wild ...

... and we're all so good when we're bad.

Neal Asher has a nice blog post this morning about ranty blogs and why he is no longer going to read them. I've already moved into adopting that policy. I'm also staying out of threads and groups where there is a lot of anger.

It's emotionally draining and, truth be told, it's a bloody waste of my time. There is a huge difference between engaging in a discussion where people actually listen to one another and a rant where people talk AT one another. People tend to spew a lot of rhetoric without any true engagement or respect for the other person's point-of-view.

That's not a discussion--that's an argument.

I spent the first twenty years of my life being an angry person, and I've spent the last twenty learning to live in peace with the people around me. You guys get your wild on. You'll get tired of it one day too and wonder why you wasted so much time being angry at people so beyond your control.