a few quick thoughts

A lovely gentleman emailed me on Facebook to ask for a status update on my current novel. His email made me realize I'd been rather lax about the blog. So here, for what it's worth, are a few updates:

  • I'm involved in the final edits of THE GARDEN. Due to the need for a new chapter towards the end of the novel, the dynamics in two subsequent chapters have changed somewhat, so I'm working on the rewrites of those scenes.
  • Another part of wrapping up my final edits includes reading the text out loud for clunky sentences and poor grammar. It's time consuming, but the process helps me catch missing words and/or clumsy phrasing.
  • I'm also finalizing some research on honorifics for Hebrew kings. Yair Goldberg has been invaluable in sending me information, so I should have those details hammered out soon.
  • Speaking of research, I'm working a blog post about the need for research in a novel. I'll keep you posted about that.
  • I'll be talking about Urban Fantasy and Gothic fiction on the newest Mind Meld. Watch SF Signal for updates.

To all my dear friends in New York City and in the northeast: My heart goes out to you in this terrible crisis. Please keep yourselves safe and know that we are thinking of you--and sending whatever aid we can.