the million dollar bookshop

One of Miserere's themes was how a child can change our outlook and make us want to be better people, not so much for ourselves, but for the child. I know my daughter did that for me. Unfortunately, not all children start out in the best of circumstances, or with parents who want to change their lifestyles.

Charities for children abound, but most people don't think about giving unless prompted by someone else. Mark Lawrence is prompting. He has created a website called The Million Dollar Bookshop where authors can purchase advertising space for their novels AND contribute to the children's charity of their choice. It's a great two-for.

I didn't have to think too long as to which children's charity would get my "advertising" dollars. This past summer, my friend Alex Bledsoe joined several other authors with Novel Tees to donate the proceeds from all sales to Protect and The National Association to Protect Children. The National Association to Protect Children works to protect children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. That was an organization I could get behind.

So I matched my summer donation to Novel Tees with advertising dollars to Mark's Million Dollar Bookshop and sent another $25.00 to The National Association to Protect Children.

If you are an author who needs a little advertising space and wants to donate money to the children's cause of your choice, step over here to find out how to participate. You don't have to give tons of money. Every little bit helps.