dead air and other goings on ...

I used to work as DJ, long ago and far away in the days when we still spun records for the world to hear. The one thing every DJ avoided was something called dead air. It happened when one song ended and the next wasn't cued properly or your power went down.

Dead air.

It is the sound of nothing.

White noise, dead air.

There is going to be some of that around here soon.

I'm finishing up The Garden, and in order to do that, I'm going to be unplugging for the next two weeks. I'll be around, popping in for quick bursts, but if I'm delayed in answering emails or tweets, this is why.

Next week, I'll have a week off from my day job. During that week, I'll have that rare ability to work on the manuscript during large chunks of time and not in nibbles and bits. I will be editing and almost entirely offline. I'll also be slow to answer emails, just so you know.

Beginning April 9, I'll be back up to running speed again.

Dead air begins now ...