Winning Bid for the Dolorosa Tuckerization

StellarCon 36 was one of the best ever for me. I was horribly nervous before the con because this was my first time as a guest, but the authors and organizers at StellarCon 36 made it a wonderful experience.

Later on, I hope to share some of the great information that I learned from the panels I attended, but for now, I did want to let everyone know who submitted the winning bid for the DolorosaTuckerization. StellarCon 36 held a charity auction for Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro and Patrick Rothfuss's favorite charity Worldbuilders on Saturday night to a packed room of bidders.

To help raise money for the auction, I offered up a Tuckerization in Dolorosa, the sequel to Miserere.

I am thrilled to announce the winning bidder is: Yair Goldberg and he asked that the character bearing his name be associated with the Rabbinate.

I always find that coming up with the perfect character name is the most difficult part of writing a story. Although Yair might disagree, I feel more like the winner in this instance. I'm looking forward to beginning Dolorosa, and even though it's a bit distant, I'm really looking forward to StellarCon 37 next year.