picks and pans--Dolorosa

This scene will probably be like my scene with Diago and Miquel in Garden in Umber--the essence of the scene will remain the same, although the context will change as the story matures. Here is a quick peek at Miserere's sequel, Dolorosa.

“Lucian?” Rachael held her candle higher but the feeble light barely illuminated the parlor that she and Lucian shared. Coals shimmered in the hearth and blinked sparks up into the chimney. Across the wide room, the door to Lucian’s bedchamber stood open. On the nightstand beside the empty bed, a lone candle fluttered against the darkness.

The humpbacked shapes of furniture rose from the shadows, but Rachael barely noted them. Lucian stood beside the chamber’s sole window and gazed down into the courtyard, his profile etched in darkness. As her eye adjusted to the gloom, she picked out the soft white of the cotton shirt he wore beneath his robes. He leaned against the casement, his left hand clenched at his side, his cane rested against the wall within easy reach.

She discerned the reflection of his features in the frosty pane and noted the downturn of his full lips, the rigidity of his stance. If he turned his head, she knew his eyes would sparkle with fury.