The Citadel's Library of Antiquities--Jael Eliade's sword

April is home to National Library Week (April 14-20). In celebration of libraries real and imagined, I thought I'd share some of Woerld's antiquities with you via the Citadel's library catalog:

Title: Two-Handed Sword of Jael Eliade, Captain of the Citadel's Elite Blue Guard

Catalog number: 64Ier.W.4.08

Creation Date: 5778

Object Type: Weaponery

Classification Term: Arms

Materials and Techniques: steel, leather and wire bound grip

Dimensions: Blade: 76.2 cm, broken 51.1 cm below the ricasso, Quillions: 25.4 cm, Grip: 22.86 cm, Ricasso: 25.1 cm

The sword is distinguished by the Citadel's alpha/omega symbol on the pommel. The ricasso bears the initials JAE over the Citadel's motto, Ut unum sint. At 51.1 cm below the ricasso, the blade is splintered and charred.

Historical records date Eliade's presence in the city of Ierusal prior to the final battle in the War of the Great Schism. Eliade served as the Citadel's Apocrisiarius (chief diplomat) for the Citadel in Ierusal. Eliade was one of five Katharoi who joined with Sujata Samant, Apocrisiarius for the Mandir, to form the Sacra Rosa. A Katharos’s soul can remain close to their weapon, especially if the blade is passed to another before death. No trace of Eliade's soul can be detected in this sword, which was found in its current state at Ierusal's eastern gate. The blade is on display in the Citadel Library.

Courtesy of the Citadel’s Library of Antiquities.