the wheels keep turning and we have a winner ...

Congratulations to Gary White in the UK, he was the winner of a signed copy of the soon-to-be rare first edition of Miserere at the Bastard Books giveaway.

I really appreciate Bastard Books hosting the giveaway and I hope you'll pop over and keep up with his blog. It's one of my must-read book review blogs.

Meanwhile ... WHAT'S HAPPENING?

Lots of stuff. Can't talk about it. Would bore you stupid if I did.

I'm back at Tumblr for a bit to give it another go. If you follow me on Tumblr, I'll give you a follow-back, unless you're a spammer, then I'll report you, just sayin'.

Essentially, I will be posting the same rhetoric there, only in smaller doses--that, and there might be some pictures ... and stuff ... you never know ... moving on ...

Coming tomorrow on BookSworn, I will be taking you deeper inside Woerld with a special blog post about the Ierusal Scroll. Stay tuned or simply follow @BookSworn on Twitter for updates.

Congratulations again to Gary! I'll be back tomorrow with a cross-post to BookSworn ... stay tuned.