a review and a giveaway

In the midst of all the bad news from last week, I had a very bright moment when Bastard Books reviewed Miserere and opened his post with: "Miserere: An Autumn Tale is the debut novel by Teresa Frohock, and it's beautifully written as promised in the very first paragraph."

Don't worry, he also tells you what I did wrong ... he's the Bastard and I'd expect nothing less than the truth! That is why I read his blog and you should too.

But I digress ... what I came here to tell you about is how you can get a copy of Miserere for free. You've got a chance to win a signed copy of a [soon-to-be] rare edition of Miserere. Over at Bastard Books, the Bastard is hosting a worldwide giveaway for one signed copy of Miserere (I'll be signing it, not the Bastard).

You can find out how easy it is to enter by clicking this link ...

Go on.

You know you want it ...