Naked the Night Sings, a guest post at OWW, and linkage

A few brief notes (and links) to bring you up-to-date:

I'm back on Tumblr and my feed runs through the sidebar here at my website.

I've also set up a feed for BookSworn, a great new collective blog where I join several of genre fiction's newest authors for blogposts and giveaways and lots of cool stuff. Check us out.

A Guest Post and Anthologies

I have a guest post on the May 2013 Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror monthly newsletter where I talk about world building. You do NOT have to be a member to read the newsletter. If you're looking for an excellent online writing community, give OWW a shot.

I'm excited (and really honored) to have been invited to participate in two different anthologies. Whether or not my stories will appear in these works is contingent on acceptance by the editors, but I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to submit to both of them.

The first anthology is Manifesto: UF. I'm about 500 words into the short story for this anthology, a dark tale that is tentatively entitled "Naked the Night Sings."

The second is for Neverland's Library Anthology, which is still in the starter phase. Neverland's Library Anthology hopes to raise funds for First Book, a charity that gives children in need access to new books. Neverland's Library Anthology is being funded through Indiegogo, so if you want to see this anthology happen, check out their site. Go over and give so we can see Roger dance on his car ... go on, you know you want that ...

I am approximately 6,000 words into a new novel, and the working title is Cygnet Moon. I'm enjoying the story immensely. I'm also in the zero draft, which means that writing is going very quickly. There is a teeny-teeny excerpt from Cygnet Moon on my Tumblr page and you can see that here.

In light of all the fiction projects that I have going on right now, I may be a little MIA here at the old blog. I am also taking a brief hiatus from blogging and guest posts.

I used to really, really envy people who wrote prolifically, and I never thought that I would reach this point. Two things happened: I finished writing Garden in Umber, which was an exceptionally hard novel to write, and I finished my first short story in over twenty years. Whether or not anyone else is pleased with those projects remains to be seen, but I am exceptionally pleased with both.

I think after about five years of writing, I have finally discovered my own process and what works for me. I write best when I create a brief synopsis for an idea, then simply begin to write. Once the first draft is finished, I turn it over to beta readers, who give me their input. I do not touch or look at the work while the beta readers have it. Then when the story comes back to me with their comments, I edit accordingly, set the story aside for a day or two, then edit once more.

Now that I understand how my mind processes my stories and how the characters reveal themselves to me, I can work a little faster. It's taken a long time and a lot of practice to reach this point.

So before I leave, a teaser for you ... the opening paragraph from "Naked the Night Sings":

If color were sound, this would be a song of blue, low and sultry, bittersweet—but not a requiem. Not yet. These are merely the opening notes, the long low growl of a guitar, a player in pain, and he sings his song in a harmony of indigo and black.

As my boys in Garden in Umber are known to say ... watch for me ...