Change in the SFWA

E. Catherine Tobler posted an open letter to the SFWA earlier today about why she doesn't intend to renew her membership in the SFWA. Kameron Hurley gave more insight into the issue (see Kameron's post right here) as did Jason Sanford.

I make no dispute with Tobler's summary of the events leading up to her decision. After reading Tobler's post, I saw another author, who I respect, make the same decision for herself--that she would not renew her membership in the SFWA.

I, the last person on planet earth ever to receive the Bulletin, am still awaiting my copy in the mail. Since I have not read the article in question, I don't intend to make comments based on other people's blog posts--that's another post for another day.

Instead, I'd like to ask that the members who are quitting to please reconsider your decision. Organizations grow and change because the membership grows and changes. A very wise man once told me that the only way to change an institution was from the inside.

I understand your frustration; however, I also understand that a majority of the SFWA membership does NOT endorse Resnick and Malzberg's views. These members are working hard to change attitudes within the organization, and they can't work without us working beside them.

And change, being painful and unfamiliar, is often a long, arduous process.

I'm no stranger to change, pain, or arduous processes, and I'm sure none of you are either. Hence, I would ask that you please reconsider your decision. Whatever you decide, I will back you one hundred percent, but I do ask that you please stay and help us change.

That's all.