a long, dry spell, then the news rained down ...

Thanks to hard work, several top-notch beta readers, and some sheer good luck, I finished my urban fantasy short story "Naked the Night Sings" and submitted it for consideration. I received my email confirmation on Friday, and I'm thrilled to announce that "Naked the Night Sings" will be included in Manifesto: UF.

This is the first short story that I've ever sold and my first foray into urban fantasy. The story is edgy and dark, and I simply had a blast writing it.

I'm working on another, as yet, untitled short story for the Neverland Library anthology. Then I'm back into Cygnet Moon, the tentative title of my new work-in-progress.

I am hoping to have my friend Alex Bledsoe stop by for a guest post this month and on May 30, I'll be posting at BookSworn.