do spider webs make my site look fat?

For those of you who are regular visitors, you've probably noticed a slightly different background and header on the web site each week. I needed a change, something that fit me and the stories that I write. I have tried and rejected several different looks for the site, kind of like trying on clothes to see what fits and feels right.

I don't like headers or backgrounds that are jarring or detract from the content. Sparkles and vulgar colors don't become me.

In terms of web sites overall, I tend to repeatedly visit those that are easy on the eyes and the focus is on content, not gimmicks. This is why I eschew a lot of the flash and glitter that is available in web design. To me, a good site is more about personalty, mood, and most importantly, content.

I think I've finally got the right combination for me. This is the first time in weeks that I don't find something that I want to tweak everytime log on to write a post.

So now that I've tried on several different looks, tell me: do spider webs make my site look fat?