Review Roundup for The Broken Road (#SFWApro)

October is the time for scary stories, and I scheduled The Broken Road to publish in October for just that reason. Lynn summed the novella's effect up very nicely when she said The Broken Road contains "Nothing bloodthirsty or dripping in gore – just plain goosebump-invoking chilling."

I've also been pleasantly surprised that several folks have tagged the novella as science fiction as well. So if you're still on the fence about whether or not you would like to read The Broken Road, here is a quick review round-up for you so you can see what others are saying:

Civilian Reader: The characters are excellent, believable and well-drawn – not to mention varied. This is perhaps the most diverse cast of characters I’ve read in a long while: they come from all strata of society, are of varying abilities (and disabilities), more-or-less equally split by gender. The ‘horror’ aspects of the tale creep in gradually, as we learn of the truth.

Ria at Bibliotropic: Like Travys, this dark fantasy tale carves its own path and strikes a beautiful balance between the grotesque and the enlightening, destructive darkness and hope. If you’re a fan of nightmare imagery that manages to be disturbing without being reliant on an abundance of blood and guts, then this is the novella you should be reading. 

Wendy at The Bibliosanctum: [Frohock] ... gives me a world I want to see: a world of diverse characters who aren’t judged by the things that I have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Lynn at Lynn's Book Blog: Just finished reading The Broken Road by Teresa Frohock which is a cunning novella in that it manages to combine urban fantasy and horror and bring to the fore two completely different and fascinating landscapes.  I loved the idea of this, it just seems to turn things on their head and not follow convention at all. 

Lisa at Tenacious Reader: Frohock’s writing is dark, imaginative and full of magic ... 

More reviews are also starting to show up on Goodreads.

Since this is my first novella set in this particular world, I'm really thrilled that a lot of folks seem to be enjoying it. The other nice thing is that as a novella, The Broken Road is only $2.99. You can find it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.