Earning out, awards, and it's the end of the year and I feel fine (#SFWApro)

Advances and royalties for Miserere were split between Skyhorse and Start when the two publishers acquired Night Shade Books' backlist in 2013. Miserere earned out its advance with Skyhorse in 2013, and this past August, I got the news that Miserere had earned out with Start as well.

So thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of Miserere!

The year also saw the publication of three stories: a short story, a novelette, and a novella [listed below in that order].

  • "Love, Crystal and Stone," Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology (2014)
  • "Hisses and Wings," [with Alex Bledsoe], The Story Vault (2014)
  • The Broken Road, The Story Vault (2014)

The Broken Road, along with seventy-nine other fine titles, made the preliminary eligibility list for the 2015 Manly Wade Wellman Award. The first round of voting will happen at illogiCon in January 2015. Good luck to all of the North Carolina speculative fiction authors who had an eligible work published in 2014.

I started my first newsletter this year. All you have to do is click on the SIGN UP button at the right. Generally, it's a quarterly newsletter that contains short pieces and sneak peeks of coming works. I also run special giveaways and offers specifically to newsletter subscribers. The other perk is that I'm not flooding your email on a weekly basis.

"Hisses and Wings" was my first collaboration with another author. I've long been a fan of Alex Bledsoe and his novels, so it was a real pleasure to work with him on "Hisses and Wings." The novelette is a standalone piece that combines Alex's world of the Tufa with my Los Nefilim, a new series of characters that I'll be telling you more about after the first of the year.

So all in all, 2014 was a highly productive year with a lot of good stuff happening. I hope to bring you more in 2015.

And finally, I don't want to wrap up the year's news without saying thank you. Thank you to all of the book bloggers and fans and authors who have supported me throughout this past year. There are too many of you to name, but your emails, words of encouragement, tweets, and posts have helped me get the word out about my stories. You have all been, and I hope you will continue to be, a marvelous part of my world.