ch-ch-changes ...

I'm looking at a complete do-over on the web site. If I do this thing like I want to do this thing, then I am going to lose some of my old blog posts. I can't possibly transfer everything for many reasons, none of which I really feel like going into in depth today. Suffice to say a lot of it has to do with code.

Blog posts that will definitely be going with me: 

  • Gender Bending (that includes all of the stories and the final reveal)
  • Being a woman and writing dark fiction--it's complicated
  • The free short stories
  • Any guest posts
  • A few odds and ends that might capture my attention as I sort through the old posts

My question to you is simply this: other than the specific posts listed above, are there any posts that you would really like to see migrate? Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep all of the comments that went along with the posts.

If there is something that you really enjoyed, then you can leave either the title or the subject in the comments of this post, contact me via email, or give me a shout-out on Twitter or Facebook.

I doubt there are many outside of the ones listed that are really relevant to the genre community, or which drew a significant amount of hits. If you have a favorite though, speak up. We have all summer, because this will not be a fast migration.