A new look to the website (#SFWApro)

Change is never comfortable for me, which is one of the reasons that I kept my old theme at Squarespace 5 for as long as I did. I'm not good with HTML or CSS or M-O-U-S-E; however, functionality was becoming a bit dated on my old blog. I have spent the last six months looking at other authors' websites for ideas and themes. I circled Squarespace 6 and their new designs, but it took me a long time to feel comfortable with the new dashboard.

I pestered a lot of authors and bloggers who graciously answered questions about their hosts and their themes. I am extremely grateful to them for taking the time to answer my questions.

When I started looking at other hosts and calculated costs, connection speed, and downtime, I kept coming back to Squarespace. Their help site is actually helpful and usually answers my questions without the need for a support ticket. When I have had to contact them about an issue, they are prompt and informative.

Down the road a bit, I am planning a store where I can self-publish some short stories or novellas and offer them straight to my readers without having to rely completely on third party distributors. That plan isn't close to realization yet, but I wanted to be with a host that gave me that option without having to upload four thousand plug-ins.

The other neat thing about the new theme is that I can now start a newsletter. The newsletter will be opening up for subscribers soon.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who took a peek at the site last night. The banner issue on mobile devices is due to my desire to use a banner with words on it rather than a picture. I have fixed it now so that you should have a black banner on your mobile phones. I'll be working with that and tweaking the site more over the coming months. Thanks to several people on Twitter, I now know how to evaluate the image. The screenshots were exceptionally helpful to me!

I took the plunge and switched to Squarespace 6. The theme I'm using is called FIVE. I love the versatility of both the theme and the site.

Although it was initially uncomfortable, the change has really turned out well. I have updated the subscriber feed so that you should not have to subscribe to the blog feed again. I subscribe to the feed to make sure it's working correctly, and I received a very long email last night with all of the past posts. This post announcing the change is another trial run to make sure everything is working correctly.

Come back tomorrow. I've got some wonderful news about the Tuckerization contest and we will be talking stretch goals!