Winners of the Tuckerization Tiers and Clarion West donations

On Friday, Clarion West emailed me a status report. We have collected a grand total of $291.66 for Clarion West! If you want to make a donation to Clarion West and sponsor me, you can head over to my Write-a-thon page and donate.

To all of those who have already donated: Thank you so much!! You guys are totally awesome!

I drew names over the weekend, and the Tier winners are listed below:

Tier 1: Mikel Dornhecker Jr. because he looks good in leather.

Tier 2: Paul Weimer because Paul and Weimer are good solid names. Paul also wins an ebook of The Broken Road.

Tier 3: Mia because she is so antagonistic! Mia wins an ebook of The Broken Road, and her choice of a signed copy of either Miserere or Manifesto: UF.

For my Tier 2 and Tier 3 winners: please email me to make certain that I have your email addresses. The Broken Road will be published October 2014, and I want to have your information on file.

[Note: if you already own a signed copy of Miserere or Manifesto: UF, let me know when you email me, and we will work something else out.]

UPDATE ON THE BROKEN ROAD: I spent the weekend working through rewrites. I'm still at 13,000 words, but a lot of dead words have been removed and the new words refine both the characterization and the plot. I think I've finally got that opening paragraph nailed down too.

Do not fear if you entered and did not win. The novella has an expanding cast, and I might yet find room for you all. I really enjoyed your responses and thank you all so much for taking the time to write something for me!

And now I'm going away for a bit so that I can write something for you. I'll be back next Monday with a new update.