The Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology

Just a very brief note to let you know that The Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology is now available in print if you're still into that kind of thing, and quite a few of you are.

The cover art alone is worth the price of this lovely anthology, but what's between the covers will entertain you too.

This collection of original works will take readers back to the moment when they first fell in love with the genre. The anthology features an introduction by Tad Williams and stories from writers across the spectrum such as: Mark Lawrence, Marie Brennan, Tim Marquitz, Kenny Soward, Stephen McQuiggan, William Meikle, Ian Creasey, Peter Rawlik, R.S. Belcher, Joseph Lallo, Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Marsheila Rockwell, Jeff Salyards, Miles Cameron, Keith Gouveia, Betsy Dornbusch, Brian Staveley ...

Oh, and me. You can read my short story "Love, Crystal and Stone" in the Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology.  If you need a hook to get you started, there is an exclusive excerpt from "Love, Crystal and Stone" at Fantasy Book Critic.