Adoption and a short story: Love, Crystal and Stone

Photo by Agnes Meszaros and used with permission.

As I recently announced, Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology is now available in print. Agnes Meszaros, kindly posted pictures from her copy to her Facebook page. 

When Roger first approached me about writing for the Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology, he told me the anthology's theme was rediscovery. The thing rediscovered could be an object, or a person, or a place--author's choice.

So I thought about my own experiences as an adoptee and wrote a story about a boy who rediscovered his history. He is left on a beach by his mother and adopted by a kind man. It's kind of sad but not so much, and like most of my stories go, it has a happy ending.

When I was growing up, I didn't have a way to express the conflicting emotions I experienced as the result of being an adoptee. Everything from impotent rage to grief passed over me as I grew up and grew older. Society imposed a rule of silence about adoption that I never understood. If being adopted meant being special, why wasn't it all right to talk about it?

As an adult, it took me years to navigate the false assumptions precipitated by laws determined to keep secrets based on unsubstantiated fears. One of the many presumptions was that to search for my birth family would be a betrayal of my adoptive family. That is like saying a parent can only love one child. There is room in my heart for both families, and I cherish what each of them have given me.

And that is what "Love, Crystal and Stone" is about. Alejandro is left on a beach where his adoptive father finds him. The story is about Alejandro finding out the truth of his birth and how he reconciles his love for his mother with his love for his adoptive father. Both families have given him the skills to survive and to help others.

The truth brings understanding and acceptance.

And there are dragons.

Because every good story needs at least one.