A giveaway planned for Newsletter Subscribers! (#SFWApro)

I know it's been quiet here, but I've been busy behind the scenes. Okay, I've been horsing around some too, but mostly I've been busy making the new things for you.

The inaugural edition of my newsletter is coming soon. This is a quarterly newsletter. I, like you, despise getting five hundred random emails from companies dumped into my ever-burgeoning email box, so I fully understand the desire to not be pestered with weekly updates. As far as I'm concerned, weekly updates is what the blog is all about.

The blog is also here for everyone. You can subscribe to the blog too, but subscribing to the blog is NOT the same as subscribing to the newsletter.

The newsletter is special ... like you. What I want to use the newsletter for is to create quarterly updates and giveaways for fans. If I get a major publication contract, the newsletter is where the announcement will land first.

People who subscribe to the newsletter will also get quarterly snippets and updates, including information about my secret projects, which I will not be sharing with the general population.

SO ...

Newsletter = REALLY IMPORTANT COOL STUFF and blog = weekly stuff.

With all that said, the first edition of the newsletter will be coming out sometime in October. In all probability, sometime around the end of October. In the first edition, there will be a giveaway of a print edition (worldwide) of Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology. I may also have another giveaway in that issue for my new novella, The Broken Road.  I might be inspired to give other things away at different times. If you're not a newsletter subscriber, you won't know.

This is the only newsletter giveaway which I will be promoting via the blog. All the other giveaways will be announced in the newsletter. I will still be doing giveaways on the blog, but not as frequently, because newsletter, see?

So go subscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings. Trust me. I too suffer from email.

How do you subscribe? If you are reading this on Tumblr, go to my website at www.tfrohock.com and look in the sidebar to subscribe to the newsletter.

If you're reading this on my website, just enter your email address, then click that giant, orange SIGN UP button, which then transports your information to the secret, magical newsletter place whereupon you will automatically be entered in the contest for a print copy of the Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology.*

So what are you waiting for?

*Note: If you have already signed up for the newsletter, then you are already entered in the contest. You do not have to subscribe a second time.