Alex Bledsoe and I talk about our novelette, Hisses and Wings, at SF Signal (#SFWApro)

This is just going to be a real short redirect post to let you know that Alex Bledsoe and I have an online conversation about our novelette, Hisses and Wings, over at SF Signal today. So if you're curious about how we came up with the story and characters, here's your chance to find out a little bit more. We talk about collaborating, music, and writing.

In other news: @StellarFour, of the Stellar Four SFF review blog, pointed out that the ebook of Miserere is available on Kobo for $2.99 and BAM! for $2.24.

I'm also rolling through the edits of my new Los Nefilim novella, finding missing words, playing the comma game--take it out, put it back, take it out--and generally driving myself crazy over how much and/or how little to say about certain plot points. Regardless of my writerly angst, if you liked Diago and the boys in Hisses and Wings, you'll [hopefully] soon get another Diago story with In Midnight's Silence.

That is all for now. All I ask is that you go out into your respective days and be kind to one another.