Shower of Stones Giveaway

As promised, I am giving away my signed copy of Zachary Jernigan's Shower of Stones. (My review is here.)

The giveaway is worldwide.

It begins today and ends October 22, 2015.

How to enter:

Recently, I posted on Reddit and asked people which they would prefer: an annotated copy of Shower of Stones, containing a few underlined passages by me, or a heavily read, slightly beat-up review copy sans annotations. The responses were ambivalent enough that I decided to wait and leave the choice up to the winner of the contest.

Here is how this is going to work:

In order to be entered in the contest, you MUST comment here. That is because I do not have time to chase entrants all over the Internet.

You do not have to write an essay. One phrase will do. Comment with either "Annotate" or "Don't Annotate" according to your preference.

ANNOTATE -- means you want me to annotate your signed copy. These passages will be underlined and may contain a short note, but nothing to interfere with the story. I will initial my annotations and add a brief note at the beginning of the book.

DON'T ANNOTATE -- means you want me to keep my grubby pen out of your winning copy.

It is just that simple.

The winner will be chosen by the great god, Random Number Generator. The book will be mailed November 1, 2015.



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**Edited to add: Please only comment once. All comments are subject to moderation, and I will release them as I have time.** --Thank you, the Management.