A Round-up of Los Nefilim, Grimdarkness, and the Spanish Civil War

For those that missed the ten thousand tweets, Facebook posts, and other mayhem ...

This was launch week for Without Light or Guide, Part 2 of Los Nefilim. I've been talking a lot about the novella, and the series. I posted one round-up on Monday, which you can find here.

Since then, Without Light or Guide has had a lovely review from Joel at the Total Inability to Connect.

Blog posts:

Is it Grimdark, or is it Horror? was my attempt to suss through some of the issues I've had with the definition of grimdark. I have enjoyed reading the comments to this post, both on the Tor.com website and on a separate thread on Reddit. I tried to stay out of the conversation for fear of influencing it. I wanted to read what other grimdark readers had to say about the topic, and they all made some excellent points.

What are Los Nefilim? was my attempt to answer some questions about the back-story of Los Nefilim.

A Primer for the Spanish Civil War is the companion piece to What are Los Nefilim? The primer is a very, very, VERY short history of the events that led up to the Spanish Civil War. I will also be working on a primer of the angelic hierarchies--a blog post for which I will soon be seeking a home.

I have some guest posts coming from Beth Cato and Michael R. Fletcher, so stay tuned for those!

And for now, I will be going silent until I finish the last two scenes of The Second Death, Part 3 of Los Nefilim. The first draft is always the hardest for me, and once I have finished, I will be back around with some thoughts on Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher, and a review of True Detective, Season 1.