I've haven't been blogging because I've been busy

So for your entertainment, here is a picture of our new dog, Bruce. He is Bruce the Batdog and, when he is playing, he is lovingly known as Bruce the Moose. Bruce came to live with us back in February, and we have all finally adjusted to one another, except for Macavity, who is still in a snit about the whole thing, but he will eventually get over it.

Or not.

Macavity is a cat, so it's a cat-thing.

Meanwhile, Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Bruce:

This is Bruce helping me with edits.

Bruce is a sweet, well-trained dog, and my husband loves him very much. Bruce has also managed to win my favor, which is no small feat, given that I am not a dog person. That pile of paper on the ottoman is why I've been so MIA of late. I hope to have some news for soon.

Meanwhile, please enjoy Bruce. He's really brightened our lives.

Even Macavity likes him. Although he'll never admit it. It's a cat-thing.