A new Pinterest Board

I have a new board on Pinterest for the Spanish Civil War.

The images help me with descriptions of clothing, hairstyles, and vehicles used within that time period. The pictures also link back to the original websites so I can use them like bookmarks and go back to the sites for information when I need to.

One thing that is really interesting about the Spanish Civil War was the number of women who actively fought for the Republic, especially in the early days of the Nationalist uprising against the Republic. Many paid a terrible price for their feminism.

The fascists took children away from women who were known to be feminists and imprisoned the women while giving the children to "good" families. A "good" family was considered to be a Catholic family, who supported the fascist ideology and especially those connected with CEDA  (Confederación Española de Derechas Autónomas--The Spanish Confederation of Autonomous Right-wing Groups)

Given fascist attitudes against women, it's no surprise that so many women turned out to fight for the Republic. One of my favorite pictures is the lady on this page, who is reading a fashion magazine with her rifle propped between her knees. The man beside her is wearing an armband for the UGT (Union General de Trabajadores--The General Union of Workers, which was connected to the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party--PSOE).

So. There is your weekly history lesson. I've got some books coming about the milicianas and will be writing more about them and their role in the Spanish Civil War in the future. Meanwhile, visit the Pinterest page and follow some of the links. A few of the sites are in Spanish, but a couple come from the BBC.