Cover reveal: Without Light or Guide: Los Nefilim, Part II

I'm still burning through edits, but I really think you're going to love this story. Diago and all of Los Nefilim return for the next installment in the series with the newest novella Without Light or Guide, coming this fall.

Meanwhile, look what landed in my email:

Always holding themselves aloft from the affairs of mortals, Los Nefilim have thrived for eons. But with the Spanish Civil War looming, their fragile independence is shaken by the machinations of angels and daimons ... and a half-breed caught in-between.

For although Diago Alvarez has pledged his loyalty to Los Nefilim, there are many who don’t trust his daimonic blood. And with the re-emergence of his father—a Nefil who sold his soul to a daimon—the fear is Diago will soon follow the same path.

Yet even as Diago tries to prove his allegiance, events conspire that only fuel the other Nefilim’s suspicions—including the fact that every mortal Diago has known in Barcelona is being brutally murdered.

The second novella in T. Frohock’s Los Nefilim series, WITHOUT LIGHT OR GUIDE continues Diago’s journey through a world he was born into, yet doesn’t quite understand.