hey ho, here we go ... just a spot of updates ...

Just a few things going on behind the scenes:

First up I join several other authors for a Mind Meld at the most excellent SF Signal on The Most Memorable Deaths in Science Fiction and Fantasy. That was a fun Mind Meld, especially if you're like me and enjoy talking about death.

The next piece of news concerns the ebook Miserere, which is still on sale (at the time of this post) for $1.99 at most online retailers. How long this will last, I do not know, so if you haven't read it, and you want to read it, go out and get it, BUT ...

Be aware that Miserere is a dark fantasy. It is NOT Christian Fiction or Romance, as most online retailers will lead you to believe. Simply because a book mentions Christianity does not make it Christian Fiction. Most Christian Fiction espouses a specific viewpoint that Christianity is the one, true religion.

Miserere was NOT written with that goal in mind. It's a dark fantasy/horror story about demonic possession. If you want to see the books behind Miserere, the bibliography is here.

Nor is Miserere a romance novel, or a YA novel, in spite of the facts there is a woman's name on the cover and twelve year old in the book. I can't stop bad marketing, but I can fight it from my teeny, lonely spot on the web.

This is me ... punching.

On a positive note, Miserere has been #1 in Christian Fiction for the last few days, which means my evil plans to subvert metadata are moving forward as planned. I have girded myself against the 1-star reviews to come from angry, disappointed Christian Fiction, Romance, YA readers by continuing to work on my Los Nefilim series.

Speaking of LOS NEFILIM ...

... Mmmmm ... more Diago ... yes ...

Without Light or Guide: Los Nefilim, Part II [COMING NOVEMBER 3, AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW, BLARES SIRENS AND THROWS CONFETTI] has officially been turned in, and is being marketed in the proper categories thanks to Harper Voyager Impulse, so may your expectations be fulfilled.

If you are totally into Los Nefilim, sign up for my newsletter (see the sidebar). Type in your email address, click sign up, and then check your email to confirm your subscription.

Why should you do this thing?

Because when I get the go-ahead from Harper Voyager Impulse, I will be posting an excerpt from Without Light or Guide to my website. However, newsletter subscribers will get to see the excerpt first, along with some bonus material.

Without Light or Guide was a hard one to write for many reasons. I'm glad I have it behind me, because The Second Death, the final novella in this portion of the series, is proving to be somewhat easier.

And finally ... two of the most awesome people in the world, who shall not be named but who run The Qwillery and The BiblioSanctum, have asked me for an interview and a blog post respectively. I was submerged under copy edits all weekend. I have you at the top of my to-do list, and I will be posting that information to you soon. Thank you so much for your patience!

Those are all of the updates I have for you this week. Please stay tuned ... more to come later.

Meanwhile, read on.