Happenings ... and a winner to the Flash Giveaway

I know it seems like things have been slow around here, but there are a few things going on:

I turned in my Los Nefilim short story, "Every Hair Casts a Shadow" for Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists. This was a fun story to write, and if you're wondering about Rafael and Ysabel as teenagers, here's your chance to meet them. They go up against the baddest of the bad, Diago's father Alvaro, with some surprising results.

Newsletter subscribers got a sneak peek at Alvaro a few weeks ago, but then again, newsletter subscribers always get the best stuff first. You can subscribe to the newsletter from the homepage.

Jason Deem is doing interior artwork for the anthology, and based on the following description, this is how he envisioned Alvaro:

May 3, 1937

Dressed in a song of scorpions, Alvaro stood at the mouth of an alley and watched Les Rambles, Barcelona’s main boulevard. The normally congested area was empty of mortals. Highly unusual given the time of day. Something had happened.

With a flick of his forked tongue, Alvaro tasted blood on the air. He inhaled deeply and smelled the mortals’ rage and fear. The street might be deserted, but it did not go unobserved. Eyes watched from every window. The afternoon stillness possessed an ethereal quality, much like the tension just before a brawl.

The scorpions, made restless by the citizens’ anxiety, glistened in shades of blue and black as they formed a coat around Alvaro. They clung to his skin and crawled into his hair.

Alvaro soothed them with a whisper and thumbed the heavy signet ring he wore. The wide band sported a black stone shot through with streaks of puce and gray, like an onyx cat’s eye. Any Nefilim, whether they were the sons and daughters of angels or daimons, would know Alvaro was the daimon Moloch incarnate. Their souls had merged, forming a new body, uniting the old with the new, and creating a god like the mortal realm had never known.
Alvaro by Jason Deem

Alvaro by Jason Deem

Jason did a great job of capturing Alvaro and even hints at Barcelona's architecture in the background. Given the time constraints he is working under and the number of images he is drawing for the anthology, I have been impressed by the amount of detail he has given to each one. You can see more of Jason's artwork for Evil is a Matter of Perspective at the Kickstarter update page and more of Jason's art at his website Spiral Horizon Art.

Other news ...

I won a copy of Dan Koboldt's novel, The Rogue Retrieval, a book I'm looking forward to reading. I was going to give this copy away when I finished reading, but Dan wrote something nice in it for me, so you can't have it. However, I will be giving away a copy once I've finished the book and reviewed it ... just not my copy.

For those of you that haven't heard of Dan's novel, here is the blurb:

Sleight of hand…in another land ...
Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream: to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip. And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance, he knows he’s about to make the big-time.
What he doesn’t expect is an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real.
That's how he finds himself in Alissia, a world connected to ours by a secret portal owned by a powerful corporation. He’s after an employee who has gone rogue, and that’s the least of his problems. Alissia has true magicians…and the penalty for impersonating one is death. In a world where even a twelve-year-old could beat Quinn in a swordfight, it's only a matter of time until the tricks up his sleeves run out.

And last, but certainly not least, the winner of the flash giveaway is ...

James McStravick

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and left a comment. The different Halloween traditions were a blast to read.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I continue my series on grimoires. I'll tell you about the infamous Simon Magus and how he became so malevolent.