Being a stylish cyborg, I'm looking at hairstyles

On Monday, December 5, I will officially become a cyborg, and as such, I am now shopping for cyborg hair. I want it loud and proud, because over the next four years, women are going to have to be more badass than ever.

On January 10, I will see my stylist and take to her a collection of hairstyles that might work for me with my new cochlear implant.

Here a few that have been posted to my Facebook page. I'll keep you guys in the loop for as long as possible:

The quiet highlights rock this one for me:


Pinterest (clipped to

I'd love this one best if I could get the eye-patch too:

This would actually work with my hair:

Or this:

I'm not sure I could work this style, but I love it nonetheless:

I seriously wish my hair was long enough for this:

The subtle understatement of the nose ring rocks this style:

I'm looking at rocking the boat anyway that I can. If you're not on Facebook and you want to send me a suggestion, email me, and I will reply so you can send me the picture.

It's on, baby ... the resistance is coming ...