Wonder Woman is here to save us

I've been reading comics ... well, since I was old enough to read. Lately I've been dismayed by the way the characters I once loved have been absorbing the darkness in the world around us. Instead of standing against the dark, it's almost like our heroes have been eaten alive by the forces over which they used to triumph.

Batman looks like an alcoholic bum just two drinks from the gutter. Superman no longer stands for truth and justice or much of anything anymore. They have stared so long into the abyss, they have become more monstrous than the villains they chase, because they now reject the good in which they once believed.

And then comes Wonder Woman to save us.

She is a good person. I know we don't think about that very often--being good. "Good" seems like such a paltry word. Yet I knew the highest praise my father ever gave another person was when he called them a "good man" or a "good woman."

To be good means that a person acts from the core principles of fairness and justice for those less fortunate than themselves. Good people are hard on themselves and easy on others. Good people stand against tyranny and those who are morally corrupt, not for earthly or heavenly rewards, but because standing up for others is the right thing to do. Good people inspire us to do better; they give us hope for a better world. Good people are in damned short supply lately, because we have forgotten what it means to be good.

But then comes Wonder Woman to save us.

Because the Nazis are still here as our recent election has shown us. They remain a viable and treacherous threat, not simply to democracy but to the every individual in their path. Power hungry politicians are no longer public servants, but demagogues intent on pushing their will on others, and when they don't get their way, they throw tantrums that bring our government to a standstill. They tell us there is no hope and then prove it with their actions.

But then comes Wonder Woman to save us.

Standing against tyranny is hard. It means we have to be uncomfortable, but Wonder Woman leaves the comfort of her home to stop a terrible threat. She inspires us to be better people, and we need her now more than ever. She is our reminder to be the champion for those who cannot protect themselves. We must be hard on ourselves and easy on others, and we must never, never lose hope that we can be better people.

In June she is coming, and she absolutely cannot get here fast enough: