A brief cochlear implant health update

Because I've had several people ask over different social platforms, I'm going to give the health update here on my blog this time. If anyone has any questions they might like to ask, I'll leave the comments open on this post.

I had the surgery for the cochlear implant on December 5, and as of today, everything looks great. The swelling is going down and the stitches look good--as a matter of fact, most of the stitches have dissolved by now.

The biggest question people have is regarding the pain. I have had very little pain, which has greatly surprised me. There was some tenderness around the implant site post-surgery, and I would occasionally experience a sharp pain shooting into my ear for a few days, but none of it was debilitating. I stopped using the prescribed painkiller several days ago and now rely on Advil to take care of any discomfort. I've had a few minor headaches, but nothing I would consider abnormal.

Side-effects of this type of surgery can cause facial numbness, a loss of smell or taste, or vertigo. I have experienced none of those things.

I am now completely deaf in my right ear. This is not as horrifying as some people might imagine. I've actually been enjoying the quiet.

In order to communicate with people who don't sign, I use a program called Ava on my cellphone. It has been a godsend for car conversations and also with people in restaurants. For the most part, I've had a hearing person with me every time I've gone out, so I don't rely one hundred percent on Ava. Still it is a very useful app.

My family is taking excellent care of me, and I have been trying very hard to remain still and let my body heal. Next week, I'm going to resume trail walking.

My biggest issue right now is whether to go with a Kanso or a Nucleus 6 processor, and I'm talking with my audiologist about that.

I know the truly burning question in many of your minds right now is: how is Macavity dealing with all of this?

The morning of the surgery was terribly traumatic for him, because he knew we were going someplace without him. My daughter said that when she came into the house later that day to prepare dinner for us, he gave her a magnificent stink-eye and slinked into another room. He seemed to think that my hubs and I had gone on another long trip and left him behind.

When I came home, he plugged himself into my lap and stayed very close for the next four days. Now he has resumed his daily upstairs naps and comes down in the mornings and the evenings to spend a little time in my lap, so he seems to be adjusting to the surgery quite well.

And that is about all of an update that I have for you right now. My activation date is December 29, so it's been great fun to begin all of my sentences with: when my implant is activated ...

As to how much speech will I understand and how will I hear? I don't know yet, but I'll keep you all apprised. Thank you so much for all of your well-wishes and questions and good thoughts.