2016 award eligibility post

The following publications of mine are eligible in the novella and collections categories:



The Second Death was published March 29, 2016 and is eligible for the NOVELLA category in all awards.

Save the world, or save his family…

For Diago Alvarez, that’s the choice before him. For unless he wants to see his son Rafael die, he must do the unthinkable: Help the Nazis receive the plans to the ultimate weapon.

And while Diago grows more comfortable not only with his heritage, but also with his place among Guillermo’s Los Nefilim, he is still unsure if he truly belongs amongst them.

In a frantic race to save the future of humanity, Diago is forced to rely on his daimonic nature to deceive an angel. In doing so, he discovers the birth of a modern god—one that will bring about a new world order from which no one can escape.

The Second Death is the final chapter in T. Frohock’s haunting and lyrical Los Nefilim trilogy, which bestselling author Mark Lawrence has called “a joy to read.”



Los Nefilim (April 2016), which contains all three novellas--In Midnight's Silence (May 2015), Without Light or Guide (November 2015), and The Second Death (March 2016)--will only be eligible for any awards that allow for a COLLECTIONS category. The Locus Award is one of the few that has a category specifically for collections. Likewise, the Lambda Literary award allows for collections to be entered in its various categories.

Collected together for the first time, T. Frohock’s three novellas—In Midnight’s Silence, Without Light or Guide, and The Second Death—brings to life the world of Los Nefilim, Spanish Nephilim that possess the power to harness music and light in the supernatural war between the angels and daimons. In 1931, Los Nefilim’s existence is shaken by the preternatural forces commanding them … and a half-breed caught in-between.

Diago Alvarez, a singular being of daimonic and angelic descent, is pulled into the ranks of Los Nefilim in order to protect his newly-found son. As an angelic war brews in the numinous realms, and Spain marches closer to civil war, the destiny of two worlds hangs on Diago’s actions. Yet it is the combined fates of his lover, Miquel, and his young son, Rafael, that weighs most heavily on his soul.

Lyrical and magical, Los Nefilim explores whether moving towards the light is necessarily the right move, and what it means to live amongst the shadows.

To the best of my knowledge there is no category within the Hugos or the Nebulas that allow for collections, so if you see the Los Nefilim omnibus popping up there, you might want to double-check the category and the award rules prior to voting.