Unrealistic beauty standards

While looking at a bunch of pictures of ripped guys (for research), I realized that this is how one acquires unrealistic beauty standards. Photograph after photograph showed men with perfect skin, toned bodies, and hair that seemed casual, but was most likely styled. After looking at dozens of these pictures (for research), I realized that I experienced a subtle shift in my expectations for normal men. Their bodies, which are, in actuality, how the majority of men do and should look, seemed flawed even though they are not.

The truth is that the ripped guys are the exception, not the rule, but when I look at pictures of nothing but ripped men for long periods of time (for research), my brain begins to see this type of physique as "normal." Prior to the Internet, it wasn't possible to find so many images of perfect people in one convenient location. However, the danger here is an altered perception of "normal."

Women have experienced these elevated body standards for years. Air-brushed, photo-shopped beauties fill magazines with standards that very few women can achieve, but we are so inundated with their images that we begin to see their bodies as "normal" and our own as flawed.

Fortunately, women are beginning to see ourselves as beautiful, regardless of the color of our skin, or the size of our bodies. We are passing new beauty standards on to our daughters--love yourself as you are, because women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes.

All of these things wafted through my mind as I looked at the advertisement for this new calendar (for research) of beautiful French men on farms, and I wondered if posting this link would perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards for men. At the same time, all artists appreciate the inspiration in beauty, and these men are all quite lovely.

Keep in mind they are exception and not the rule. Still ... we're all grown-ups ... so here ... have some beautiful French farmers.