Cyborg report ... activation

This morning at 9:00 a.m., we activated my implant and programed my processor. Things are interesting right now. I think my brain has forgotten how certain noises are supposed to sound, so it's filling in the blanks with a ringing sound very similar to tinnitus. According to my audiologist, this is not unusual. Some people report hearing a wah-wah sound, others hear a very mechanical sound.

Me ... I get ringing.

For example, the dial tone on my phone sounds like an episode of severe tinnitus. If I listen hard, I can distinguish the buzzing of the dial tone from the ringing noise. Initially, typing gave me little spurts of ringing that is now turning into clicks. Speech is still difficult, because voices come with that annoying ringing.

Except for the ringing, people sound natural to me and so does music. I watched Flamenco, Flamenco on Netflix and I can hear the clapping and the softer taps ... guitars and pianos ... fingers snapping ... a woman's voice ... a sigh.

I heard my cat cry. There is a humming sound in my house ... maybe the refrigerator ... I'll figure it out.

I went for a walk on our nearby walking trail. I was reminded of Mark Lawrence talking about a young boy, who had just had his implant activated. He ran down the hospital halls, making noise to hear the sounds he could make. That was me on my walk today.

Today I heard leaves rustling in the wind, and the wind roaring through the trees. I heard the swish and crunch of leaves underfoot ... water rushing over stones ... leaves ... footsteps on the soft earth ... from somewhere nearby, a tractor ... the wind, rustling through the trees.

And ringing ... although I think the ringing was the sound of birds ... I can't remember how birds sound, but I might someday soon.