Off the Grid ... a new series

I've been paying close attention to the recommended reading lists published by various organizations over the last few months, and I keep seeing the same names and works popping up over and over, especially in the novella and novel categories. This is probably because the authors of these lists are pulling their recommendations of items published within a certain timeframe.

And as I was ruminating over one of these lists this morning, it occurred to me that the titles were a very narrow sampling of good works published during the course of that year, especially since they matched every other list I'd seen. I read several books last year, some of which were published in 2015 and others that were published in previous years, and I don't always see them on "Best of" lists (and some of them are just as worthy as the current contenders).

So ... with all that said, I'd like to try something new. I want to start a series of blog posts called Off the Grid. These will be reviews or recommendations of works that are getting very little online attention.

Here are the criteria:

  • The series will encompass novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, or poems;
  • Keep it genre: science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism ... any of the above and anything else that you think might fit;
  • Guest posts can be a formal review or a more lighthearted post about what you liked/disliked about the item, or why we should check out this particular author;
  • The item does not have to be published in the current year;
  • The item should be something that is getting very little online discussion and/or promotion; however ...
  • If you've just discovered a previously published author and want to gush about one of their work(s) that garnered very little attention, then come and gush;
  • Items should be traditionally published works; however ...
  • I will devote one month of posts to self-published works (month to be determined based on my writing commitments and my ability to schedule posts);
  • I will be writing posts, as well, but I also invite any authors or book reviewers who might want to contribute a guest post to contact me;
  • Other rules may be applied, depending on the popularity/interest or lack thereof, my schedule, etc., etc., etc. ...

So, what do you think? Interested?