The glory of swag ...

I've been trying to think of some very special and different ways to celebrate the release of the final Los Nefilim novella, The Second Death, in March. I wanted something that evoked images of old Barcelona along with the symbols that inspired Los Nefilim. I found a great book on how to make artful cards, and went to work.

This past weekend, I made these cards (pictured with Los Nefilim buttons that I ordered):

My poor little camera doesn't really capture the colors well--they are much more vibrant, and I'll try to get some better pictures for you soon.

All of the cards are handmade. On the inside of each one, I will be writing a few lines from each of the novellas. Here are two that incorporate portions of In Midnight's Silence:

The giveaway with the handmade cards and the Los Nefilim (Whose Side Are You On?) buttons will only be for newsletter subscribers. I'll be giving away other swag over the course of the month, but the big giveaways will go to my subscribers.

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If you love dark things, you've come to the right place.


Los Nefilim ... whose side are you on?