I wanted to write something beautiful and wise about Orlando, but all I could do was cry and cry over the lost lives. Yet I didn't want to say nothing at all. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized the best thing I could do was bring attention through my social media to the voices of the LGBT community that were speaking, so I have retweeted and reposted their words and grief through my social media accounts rather than speak my own.

I found a poem by Christopher Soto (also known as Loma), entitled ALL THE DEAD BOYS LOOK LIKE ME, which Soto wrote in the aftermath of the Orlando tragedy. Soto is a queer latinx punk poet and prison abolitionist. Their pain is open and raw, but tender in the end. I hope you'll take a moment and follow the link to read their words.

My heart goes to the victims, their families, and my dear friends in the LGBT community, who were all affected by this tragedy.

Love is all that I have for you, because I know not what to say.