Uprising Coffee and Books

Before I show you some of the pictures, I want you to know there are two signed copies of Los Nefilim at Uprising Coffee and Books (655 Washington Street, Eden, NC). So if you missed the launch event, then you can still get a signed copy of Los Nefilim, or a signed copy of Miserere: An Autumn Tale.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank (once more) Jacob and Alyssa for hosting the event. They had lovely sandwiches and snacks for attendees. The warm, friendly atmosphere of their shop and their fabulous coffees and teas were the perfect place and way to celebrate Los Nefilim's entry into print.

Okay! The pictures!

Saturday was a fun day at Uprising Coffee and Books for our local launch of Los Nefilim. Surrounded by carnations and on a bed of black feathers, Los Nefilim reigned supreme:

A bigger view of the display table:

And finally, me talking to the wonderful people that came to help me celebrate. We had a lots of coffee and laughter, and a fun time all around.

Even if you missed the launch, Uprising Coffee and Books is open and ready for your business. Great coffee, delicious baked goods, and in addition to books, they are selling works by local artists, and hosting open mike nights for the musically inclined. Alyssa and Jacob are working hard to make Uprising a community hangout for coffee lovers, artists, and patrons. So head over and say hi, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and something sweet ... Say T sent you, you'll be glad you went.