Links and things ...

A special newsletter will be going out tomorrow with a giveaway for newsletter subscribers. It is the only worldwide contest that I will be running for the Los Nefilim omnibus. The prizes will be:

Third prize is a signed copy of Los Nefilim.

Second prize is a signed copy of Los Nefilim and a Los Nefilim button.

The GRAND PRIZE is signed copies of both Los Nefilim and Miserere, a Los Nefilim button, and a handmade card with a quote from Los Nefilim inside.

Sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar and don't forget to check your email for your confirmation email! That giveaway begins tomorrow.

If you don't want to take any chances, you can still pre-order. The print edition of Los Nefilim releases tomorrow. If you are in the U.S., the Goodreads giveaway for a signed, print edition ends June 14, so head over and enter!

Laura M. Hughes gave the omnibus a marvelous review on her blog if you're on the fence about reading it.

An exclusive excerpt of Los Nefilim is live at the Grimdark Magazine blog.

I joined a collective of authors at The Semiotic Standard to talk about Books We Did Not Finish

A [very fun] interview with one of the Evil is a Matter of Perspective authors, Marc Turner (you should read all of his author interviews) at his blog.

I'm also working on a short story for the Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology. The Kickstarter for that anthology begins on June 15, and you'll be hearing more about it this week.