where I'll be ... not here, but somewhere

Murder Cat, pictured here on the back of the writing chair, serves double duty as judgmental cat. This is her being judgmental.

Murder Cat, pictured here on the back of the writing chair, serves double duty as judgmental cat. This is her being judgmental.

This isn't going to be a long post. More like an update than anything else.

October wasn't a fun month for me. I had a root canal in one tooth and a different tooth broke. My dentist, on the other hand, had a marvelous month. Sometimes that's the way the enamel crumbles.

The good news is that the recurring sinus infection that I've been suffering from for the last year is finally gone, because the infection didn't really come from my sinuses--it came from the abscess in my upper tooth. Not fun doesn't always equal bad.

Murder Cat is thriving. Unlike my darling Macavity, who I still miss, Murder Cat thinks wolf spiders are the greatest toys ever and great fun. Thus far, she has killed around seven wolf spiders, four beetles, and two flies. It has taken about six months, but she has finally decided that she likes cuddles, too. She is also determined to fight the laptop for lap supremacy, which is very nice in the mornings.

I have a book I have to write.

In addition to the book, I am reading a novella for a friend in order to critique her work. She is a wonderful person and a fabulous writer, so helping her is both a pleasure and an honor. She deserves one hundred percent of my attention. I've also been asked to review an anthology of novellas and a novel, both of which have rather tight turnaround times. Like critiquing my friend's novella, these are tasks that I enjoy and am looking forward to doing.

I am pulling back from both Twitter and Facebook for a period of time. For my author friends, I'm part of a group on Slack, and if I can get the hang of Slack, I will be moving even more of me off Facebook. Until further notice, I'll be spot-checking both the Twitter and Facebook feeds to make sure they don't get hacked, but that's about it. I will not be checking Facebook chat or Messenger unless it is a family member.

I'll be posting to the blog and also through my newsletter. If you scroll up, you can see where to insert your email address for your preference. Blog posts will continue to me more numerous than newsletters, and these will also roll through my Twitter and Facebook feeds as always. 

If you are participating in NaNoWriMo, I've set up a feed over there. I am there as TFrohock. There is a huge chunk of words in the my feed (50,765 to be exact). That is the first three-quarters of the novel that I'm working on. I want to complete it in November, but there are a lot of words for me to unpack, so there is that.

If you need me, contact me via email.