Evil is a Matter of Perspective

Many of you know that I was invited to participate in an anthology of antagonists for Grimdark Magazine called Evil is a Matter of Perspective. The anthology will soon be available through several outlets, so if you missed being a part of the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order your copy, which will be available on June 16, 2017.

Now you can experience your favourite fantasy worlds through some of the most fearsome, devious, and brutal antagonists in fantasy. Villains take centre stage in nineteen dark and magical stories that will have you cheering for all the wrong heroes as they perform savage deeds towards wicked ends. And why not? They are the champions of their own stories—evil is a matter of perspective.

Contributors are: R. Scott Bakker, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Michael R. Fletcher, Shawn Speakman, Teresa Frohock, Kaaron Warren, Courtney Schafer, Marc Turner, Jeff Salyards, Mazarkis Williams, Deborah A. Wolf, Brian Staveley, Alex Marshall, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Matthew Ward, Mark Alder, Janny Wurts, E.V. Morrigan, Peter Orullian 

Artists: Tommy Arnold (cover), Jason Deem (interior art), Shawn King (design)

Available at:
Barnes and Noble

If you're looking for a Los Nefilim fix while I'm between projects, the anthology contains the short story, "Every Hair Casts a Shadow," which features a story from Alvaro's point of view as he tries to lure a teenage Rafael back to his rightful place among the daimons.