More Los Nefilim Books are coming from Harper Voyager!

For those who subscribe to the newsletter: a new newsletter went out yesterday with some behind-the-scenes information about cover art. Check your spam folder if you didn't get the email.

For those who missed the big news on Friday: I haven't been here a lot during this past year, because I've been pushing hard to finish a project. It was the THING that could not be mentioned in this blog post.

Now that the sale has been announced in Publisher's Marketplace, it's safe to say the THING is currently titled Where Oblivion Dwells and is the first of three brand new Los Nefilim novels that will be coming soon from Harper Voyager:


To answer a few questions that I've been getting from here and there:

  • this not digital only
  • the books will be published in trade paperback (and also ebook)
  • there will be cover art

The path to this particular publication took some wide and varied routes, which are great in the telling but boring in the reading. I did have a lot of help along the way. I want to recognize and thank Beth Cato, Michael R. Fletcher, Dan Koboldt, and Michael Mammay for their sage advice and help last year. They each took time from their own busy schedules to recommend their agents to me, and Beth especially had some most excellent advice for me along the way.

Also my most heartfelt thanks to the amazing Courtney Schafer and Lisa Cantrell for their help, because they read early incarnations of that manuscript multiple times. Many, many times. More times than I ever want anyone to have to read one of my manuscripts ever again.

Please make me happy and buy their books.

I am thrilled to be working with my new agent, Lisa Rodgers, as well as having the opportunity to work with David Pomerico again. He edited all three of the Los Nefilim novellas: In Midnight's SilenceWithout Light or Guide, and The Second Death, and his experience and insight has been invaluable to me. 

Meanwhile, for those who enjoyed the novellas, and I'm finding out that quite a few of you did, Diago will be back along with Guillermo, Miquel, and Rafael, and a whole host of new characters. The stories will have the same mix of noir and Gothic overtones as the novellas, and will show Diago becoming more and more a part of Los Nefilim. There will be wars and espionage and some of the world-building that I had to omit from the novellas, because word counts.

All of this is possible because so many of you supported the novellas. For that I want to say THANK YOU to you, the readers! You guys rock my world in so many ways.

If you want to stay up-to-date with some behind the scenes stuff, subscribe to my newsletter. I'll be around again soon, talking to you about the books and some of the history behind the stories.