Hot shots: Marianne, Ghoul, The Wrath, Belzebuth, and Tigers Are Not Afraid

Looking for the spooky stuff?

Then you’re in the right place. I wanted to review each of these individually, but so far, I’ve only had time to review one. So I’m going to give you hot shots of highly recommended movies to get you through the month of October:


Marianne [French] is a rocket to ride. Filled with jump scares, a twisty-turny story that will hold you riveted from beginning to end, and a positively stellar cast, Marianne is on Netflix and definitely should be on your to-watch list. Think Hill House, but better than Hill House, and with the perfect ending.

Ghoul [Indian] is one that I saw a year ago, but that makes it no less worthy. It’s still streaming on Netflix and if you want a tense, edge of your seat flick, Ghoul will deliver.


The Wrath [Korean] is a ghost/possession story that will keep you guessing until the very end. Nothing is ever as it seems with this strange, haunted family.

Belzebuth [Mexican] is one that I reviewed in full right here.

Tigers Are Not Afraid [Mexican] is a dark fairy tale on par with Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone. It’s a story about children for adults and is both magical and tragic in every way. I hope to have time to review it in full later this month. This movie devastated me, both with it’s depiction of children caught in the drugs and the brutal honesty with which Issa López treats her subject. It’s a must see.

That’s it for now. I’ve got the final page proofs for Carved from Stone and Dream, and I’m hard at work on A Song with Teeth. I’ll have more for you later …

Watch for me.